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Going Solo?

  In times of pain and struggle, we all seek the road to restoration. In hindsight, if my pain leads me to greater joy, and a greater capacity to love and be present at the moment to others, I may become a better man. It is a slippery road as my Creator, the Divine Source of Love, totally respects my free will, to suffer the consequences or victories of my actions.   However, I have a choice to ask for His guidance or go about it solo. Considering my risky behavior, thin-skinned temperament and lack of patience, I don’t take solo runs down the slope of life so much anymore.  Still, at fifty-eight years old, I still find myself taking risks.  Last year I was on a “Boy’s Weekend” out West skiing in Bozeman, Montana. I consider myself a cautious intermediate skier and yet I ventured out to the highest peak of the Mountaintop.  There stood before me a small ski lift with the huge caution sign, “This lift is for experts only, do not attempt going on this lift unless you are an exper