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Savior's Shield - A Poem based on recent events

Savior’s Shield

Christmas Eve, a call came in

“Man in rage, about to sin”

Another day for the uniformed blue

We don our vests and suit up

It’s just our job, our calling true

A pint-sized partner at my side

Compact, strong, don’t let it fool

She’s as brave as the come

Hard, tough, and compassion too

The Eve of the Savior, a Thursday night

I pleaded with a girl deep in fright

Tonight’s the night, you must press charges

Your boyfriend’s intent is to come and harm you

Her grandma’s instinct to dial 911

Was the right call 

for help to come

We’ve been down this road, it’s not baby’s fault

Emotions run rouge

When we’re all cooped up

Domestic abuse rises unweary 

The drinking, the pressure 

All is unyielding

They are called into danger

Their vow to protect

Someday a savior

Other days little respect

I pray these situations would never come

She prayed her boyfriend would remain on the run

I darkened her doorway pleading my case

This for your protection there is no disgrace

Make the right decision

We’re here for you

She raised her finger, as to point

And he’s here too

Weapon’s danger and his regret

It happened so quickly

As he executed the threat

Trigger pulled in an instant

Sound blasting our ears

Bullet’s punch in my back

Culmination of fears

He’s running away

I tried to pursue

My body unwilling, legs untrue

Now the pain has come

The situation asunder

Her prayers were answered

He no longer would plunder

The second call I remember

“Officer down” came the plea

My instinct to answer

But the officer now was me

My brothers and sisters

All officers in blue

Followed my ride to King’s hospital

Not knowing what to do

Most think it was the vest 

That saved our lives

But I trust it was St. Michael

Always at our side

My parents, the Chief, and Chaplin at my bed

I don’t understand all the to-due 

Brothers and sisters in blue 

Lined the hallways to carry us through

Hero’s title rejected, 

We answered the call

Just doing my job

And happened to fall

Don’t need a reporter’s attention

Or a story’s misconception

I just so happened to be

The one to shield a bullet’s direction

The Police Chaplin a few feet from my side

Consoled my parents, with whom I have pride

Take these Cross Insignias from my lapels he insisted

Today we celebrate two births, both saviors true

The God who became man

And your boy in blue


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