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Deacon of "Nones"

Deacon of "Nones" The growth of Americans who consider themselves religiously unaffiliated is on the rise. Pew Research estimates that six in ten fall into the category of "Nones". Bishop Robert Barron, the popular online evangelist spoke about the need to reach the "nones" at the recent Bishop's conference in Baltimore this past November.  “ The young people aren’t going to come to us,” said Barron. “We have to go out to them.” Suspended*  I've called on the Church to be more transparent and for full disclosure, on November 13th, I had received a Decree of Suspension as a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. (Which was rescinded once the diocese realized they had rushed to judgment and used the wrong Canon Law, however, the restrictions remain in place on my ministry) November 13th, the day Felix was asked to leave November 13, 2019, was monumental in my new vocation as a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.