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Sleeping Around Town

  Sleeping Around Town “Sleeping Around the Village” has taken on a new and welcome meeting for Debbie & I. Walking in someone else’s shoes, even just to “Try them on” can only give me a cloudy glimpse into world of my neighbors who are homeless.  We had the comfort of people we know, and strangers we did not know check in on our well-being. Of course we relied on the fact that we do have a home to return to at the end of the night.  I have much more to reflect on this, and a short post cannot do justice on the impact of friends and caring strangers who were both “Present” and a present to us last night. Stay tuned to more reflections before the week is out.  Again thank you to all who joined us in this street ministry! God Bless! (Steve Yusko) My wife, Deborah Thorman- Yusko knows a little bit about our homeless neighbors, and she has been able to dispel the prejudice I harbored in the essence of my ignorance. Last night was a blessing & an opportunity to “teach myself a l