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Deacon of "Nones"

Deacon of "Nones" The growth of Americans who consider themselves religiously unaffiliated is on the rise. Pew Research estimates that six in ten fall into the category of "Nones". Bishop Robert Barron, the popular online evangelist spoke about the need to reach the "nones" at the recent Bishop's conference in Baltimore this past November.  “ The young people aren’t going to come to us,” said Barron. “We have to go out to them.” Suspended*  I've called on the Church to be more transparent and for full disclosure, on November 13th, I had received a Decree of Suspension as a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. (Which was rescinded once the diocese realized they had rushed to judgment and used the wrong Canon Law, however, the restrictions remain in place on my ministry) November 13th, the day Felix was asked to leave November 13, 2019, was monumental in my new vocation as a Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Diocese in Turmoil

  Spiritual & Emotional Pain - A Diocese in Turmoil  March 30, 2021         Dialoguing with the Diocese of Rockville Centre is very challenging these days. Ask any parish ministry leader, priest, or deacon, and you will find in private, a common response: “…the diocese is not effective at communication”. In non-church speak, his excellency seems to be circling the wagons, and rather not dialog directly, at least with this Rogue Deacon.    “However, the hierarchy's ability to brush dirt under the carpet is noteworthy.” Bishop Barres delivered a scripted video this past Autumn about the diocese's "Reorganization" by filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, an inevitable move, not driven because of lawsuits from the sexual abuse scandal, but in my opinion, from the actions of the men responsible for the well-being of the diocese, Bishop Barres and former Bishop William Murphy (Cardinal Law's right-hand man in Boston during the "Spotlight" scandal). It is due to t

Mystery of Removal

  Dear Brothers & Sisters:   I was ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Rockville Centre on June 3, 2017, and assigned to my home parish, the Church of St. Joseph in Babylon, by Bishop John Barres.  Both my wife and I have been active parishioners for the past twenty-seven years. I have a deep love for the Church and a passion for faith and justice. My actions are driven by this passion.  These past four years have blessed me with the joy of service along with the pain of witnessing corruption, harassment, violence, and spiritual/financial abuse at St. Joseph’s parish from June 2016 through July 2018.  Many do not know the story behind the removal of a pastor after just two years, and even less about my forced departure from ministry. An article was published today, March 15, 2021:  Through personal experience, and upon receiving documented evidence with corroborated

Daughter what do you see?

 Daughter, what do you see? Father when you look at the sky what do you see? Clouds forming a storm about to be Daughter when you look above What comes to mind, what do you love? When I look to the horizon  I hope for the sun Smell sea salt  Viewing gulls on the run I reminisce dawn’s reflection in your eyes Worrying about the storms You see on the rise Don’t concern yourself  Of calamities out at sea Follow God’s path  On whom you are meant to be Concern yourself not  About this old man’s musings My weather-worn mind Too often unsure, thoughts confusing Fires once-raging Daughter you know to tell Dwell on imagination’s embers So vast is the well Dad, I travel the path You and mother prepared for me Hopeful the journeys That wait beyond the sea Promise me Father Set your mind at rest God hardens my steel When life’s crucible begins to test I know about storms The sun rises and sets Ship preparing to sail  Nets meant to cast I embark with the memory  Of the spark in your eyes Mending br

Curious Roaming Catholic

The Covid quarantine and the limits on communal gatherings morphed me into somewhat of a Roaming Catholic. I long for the days where there are no reservations needed, but I guess we’ll have to wait.  I’ve never been known as a patient guy, but if there’s something I learned this past year, although, in incremental steps, it’s patience. Whether it’s waiting in a line, keeping my six-foot social distance, or waiting for the opportunity to get the vaccine. My microscopic inconveniences cannot compare to those struggling to keep their businesses alive or all of us who long for the normalcy of community engagement.  My wife and I have been residents in the Babylon Village area for over twenty-seven years and we love this community.  It took the pandemic to help us better appreciate our surroundings and fellow Babylonians. Living in proximity to the Great South Bay and now working from home more often than not, has helped me take in my surroundings.  One curiosity I discovered was Community

Savior's Shield - A Poem based on recent events

Savior’s Shield Christmas Eve, a call came in “Man in rage, about to sin” Another day for the uniformed blue We don our vests and suit up It’s just our job, our calling true A pint-sized partner at my side Compact, strong, don’t let it fool She’s as brave as the come Hard, tough, and compassion too The Eve of the Savior, a Thursday night I pleaded with a girl deep in fright Tonight’s the night, you must press charges Your boyfriend’s intent is to come and harm you Her grandma’s instinct to dial 911 Was the right call  for help to come We’ve been down this road, it’s not baby’s fault Emotions run rouge When we’re all cooped up Domestic abuse rises unweary  The drinking, the pressure  All is unyielding They are called into danger Their vow to protect Someday a savior Other days little respect I pray these situations would never come She prayed her boyfriend would remain on the run I darkened her doorway pleading my case This for your protection there is no disgrace Make the right decisio