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Daughter what do you see?

 Daughter, what do you see?

Father when you look at the sky what do you see?

Clouds forming a storm about to be

Daughter when you look above

What comes to mind, what do you love?

When I look to the horizon 

I hope for the sun

Smell sea salt 

Viewing gulls on the run

I reminisce dawn’s reflection in your eyes

Worrying about the storms

You see on the rise

Don’t concern yourself 

Of calamities out at sea

Follow God’s path 

On whom you are meant to be

Concern yourself not 

About this old man’s musings

My weather-worn mind

Too often unsure, thoughts confusing

Fires once-raging

Daughter you know to tell

Dwell on imagination’s embers

So vast is the well

Dad, I travel the path

You and mother prepared for me

Hopeful the journeys

That wait beyond the sea

Promise me Father

Set your mind at rest

God hardens my steel

When life’s crucible begins to test

I know about storms

The sun rises and sets

Ship preparing to sail 

Nets meant to cast

I embark with the memory 

Of the spark in your eyes

Mending broken hearts

Leaning on the courage you provide

I ask again daughter

What do you see

I see adventure, hope and challenge

On the course set before me


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Today on the Feast of the Epiphany, we doubled up on our Church services.  First, we attended 8:45 Sunday Mass at the Church of St. Joseph, where I recently served as a Permanent Deacon, then Debbie and I attended the launch of Community Church in Babylon Village at their first-ever church service at 10:30.   How truly fitting it was to do this on the   Feast of the Epiphany of Christ , as Father Francis explained in his homily, Epiphany is the “manifestation of Christ”.  Those who know me have come to realize that I hate shopping, and this day was not meant to be “shopping for a new church day” , but considering the state of scandal within the Church, we felt impelled to see what this new church was all about. As a couple with an experience of outreach in the community we are called to wonder, and ask the deep questions about our faith, our institutions and to see Christ in and be Christ to others.  We arrived a couple of minutes before the service began in the basemen

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